Happy Feet

It’s a true story and it happened at my house, so that’s why I know all about it.

They Wed on Laundry Day

You’re right, they didn’t start out together,

although I’m sure they knew each other before.

Thrown together as they were,

they must have met –

just neighbors, no more,

too strongly linked

by pattern and identity

to another

surely thought of

as a soul mate.

But now they are certainly a pair,

two not of a kind

but good together. A second marriage,

each having lost a mate.

On my left, a death.

Old age. A final breakdown in the body fabric.

On my right, a divorce.

Just never came home one day.

I introduced them after a suitable interval,

the funeral over, the departed interred;

search efforts called off,

no traces to be found.

They’ve been together ever since.

Seem happy. At least not straying.

I enjoy their company, knowing their story.

A balance restored

settles anyone. I do have a fondness

for the happy ending.

Maybe it’s not a fairy tale romance,

but I’ve made a match.

Who knows?

I could do the same for you.

"Happy Feet"mixed media on paper

“Happy Feet”
Mixed media on paper


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