From Spring Cleaning, a collection published in 2015.


I need to paint this room again
I need to
and I am beginning to think
this need
is not about the room
but about me.
Paint is cheap therapy
if I am looking for therapy
but after a point
paint is paint.
Paint is paint.
I need to write this down.

A paint test site, evaluating paints and their weathering properties, Ambler, PA.

Alone Without My Thoughts

From the poetry collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Alone Without My Thoughts

When you wake up in the middle of the night
and the street is silent
Not one car passing by
Not a sound from a bird
Not the cry of a fox
or an ambulance
or the neighbors calling out
It’s lonely to think about it
even now
and worse when you wake up at night
and hear the train whistle way far off down the hill.
You get the idea that maybe it’s
to do some thinking
and you
You listen for an answer
awake by chance in the middle of the night

“Just a Sliver of a Street”, acrylics, 2013.

Magnetic Collage Poetry: Three Poems from Saturday 3/25/17

I had a little time on Saturday afternoon and so I looked into the magnetic poetry box. Here are three very little collage poems from that bit of time. I put their titles beneath their pictures.